How can I remove the Status Bar and Navigation Bar on a Game?

Thinking about purchasing the Pro Plan of FlowLab to export my games as .APKS on my phone. But was wondering if there’s ways to remove the status bar and navigation bar on the game (in app) to give more of a full screen look.

If you have indie you can customize the theme of your game, and here there is a “hide top navigation” feature.

Or you can use the fullscreen behaviour.


Thanks. Was just curious if there was such feature for the pro plan. :grin:

what pro plan…? Indie is a payed account

A lot of things just call their subscription account a pro plan, which is just the same thing as indie. Whatever you want to call it doesn’t really matter too much, just a non free version.

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When exporting you can select the fullscreen option you want.
Theres also the fullscreen Behavior for browser games.

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