How can I use Sound effects?

Hey :smiley:

Wanted to make some Jump sounds and death sounds :DD

WOuld be cool if u tell me what I should do

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The sound behavior block should allow you to choose between a selection of different sounds that you could use for your game, but you must have indie to import custom sounds. Which I’ve had free edition most of my life so I’m not entirely sure how to import custom sounds, but I’m sure someone here could help you out on that.

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I mean how Can I make it that when I press Jump the SOund plays

The put the trigger or starting function into play, I wouldn’t recommend putting it into or connecting it to a repeating behavior or else the sound will mess up.

So if you want to do a jumping noise, make it so when you press W the noise goes off. But it goes through a switch turning itself off so the w can only be played once. Then make it when the player collides with the ground it will turn the switch back on. So that was you aren’t spamming w in mid air and still getting sounds.

I’m about to go to church so I don’t have much time to explain this, but I’m sure someone else will help on more details if you need them.

Okay :DD

Still thanks

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Okay Thanks :DD

Gonna import that

import? or copy? orrrrrrrrrr

You know what I mean xD