How can you only press one time once colliding with the ground?

So basically, the character in my game is always running, and what is want to do is I dont the mouse click to be like flappy birds (cause thats cheating), I want it to be like Geometry dash (only press one time after colliding with the ground).
Please answer if anyone knows. Thank you!

And also, if anyone wants to know how my game works, heres the link :

In order to have the character to jump ONLY after a collision with the ground, here is how the control should work.
Flowlab Game Creator - New Game - Google Chrome 5_8_2020 9_43_32 AM
Except in the image above, the up button is what makes the character jump. In your game, you just have to replace the keyboard behavior with the mouse click behavior (with “allow clicks anywhere” enabled). Unless you want to keep the up button behavior.

@Superstargames, Thank you so much! It really helps!

You’re welcome.

I think raycast will have better movement

@“JR 01” thank you! Ill try!

But @“JR 01” , Does raycast causes the player auto jump? I kinda dont get how it works. And I dont know if anyone have realized that whenever the character is running next to the objects (ground, and spikes) the screen shakes a little bit. Does anyone have any solutions?

I explained more in the reply to the message you sent me, but

“I use raycasting instead of collisions so the object can see if its on the ground or not for every frame. Just use an Always and set the Raycast to 90 degree’s and make the length of half the sprite (16).”

@“JR 01” I think i got it! Ill make a new map and try doing it again! Thanks!

stop acting like thats your proprety you took it from the run and jump bundle.

you can simplafy it and lower the ram reqiremint by removing the always and the switch and just conecting up to the raycast and the hit output from the ray cast to the jump.

Yes… I changed the bundle to use the raycast… making or changing small code/bundles doesnt make it property. Plus its a bundle given to everyone… so its more considered open source… -_-

The… Always doesnt use RAM…
The web broswer uses the ram more than the website, If you need to save ram than I advice to try firefox because Chrome uses more computer RAM.

but your rong becouse the switch is gon and it means the browser dose not need to let you use very much of its ram.

What switch? the switch behavior is still there…

I opened my Task Manager and I just tried with and without the Always,
the ram was the same…

no iment in my posible way to do it. not the code.

That’s why I used the Task Manager