How could i improve this game?

here’s some things that are definitely not getting changed

  • The aspect ratio
  • The general difficulty of the game(although i do accept feedback on difficulty of individual bosses)
  • The artstyle(although i do accept feedback about individual sprites)

The game is already really good in just about everything so I would suggest maybe more gamemodes, skins, achievements and/or events to spice things up a little.


What do you mean by this?


I host events like meme contest and easter egg hunt on the forums for Gamougg 4 and they make the game more interactive with fans. With a smaller and overall higher rizz game like yours, your events’ potential can Be Greater!


thanks for the compliment! i’ve dedicated a lot of time to increasing the rizz of my games


You’re welcome!

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More explosions and epic music

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to make a difficult game fun, you have to make it engaging
this game is very repetitive and doesn’t seem like something fun to grind out and beat.

if you look at all the hard, difficult games out there they have an amazing sense of progression and you see your improvement over time, which makes it more enjoyable and motivates you to keep playing.

i don’t see much improvement in my skill playing this game, a lot of it is just knowing the moves before they happen.
Better indicators, a story (99% of difficult games have good lore), and better and more satisfying progression would improve this game a ton.


First real suggestion

Going more on this you could make it so you can unlock or get new weapons or an increase of movement speed by either defeating bosses and choosing between multiple unlocks or make a currency that will be received after defeating bosses to upgrade your ship.


I don’t want this because all the improvement should be in the player’s skill

Damn, i though that most of the feedback was going to be about bugs and small things like difficulty or art, thanks for the feedback everyone, it’s has made me realise just how shit i am at making games

I think i should just quit seeing how people don’t like my games, maybe i really am not cut out for this

Everyone here is better than me at everything

? wth are you talking about lol

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Stfu I love this game and think you’re great

I would literally clone myself to cultivate your fanbase

every time we give you constructive criticism it makes you mad,
instead, try adding stuff and improving, not quitting because “you’re not good enough”.

you’ll never become great if you quit when faced with an obstacle.

i’ve gotten mad at development before, and tbh I was kind of mad when Bloodlust didn’t win the post-flowjam thing. I kept it to myself and continued on, using the things people disliked about it and slowly improving it


Galactian may have salty words but he’s a real one for sure. John Shrekinson sucks, and I suck even harder than everyone despite him being here for 2 years and me being here for 1 year. Yet we love Flowlab and its community so much that we stay and continue to make games and post memes, while improving somehow every now and then. What John Shrekinson called his “greatsests master piece” in August 2021 is absolutely rubbish compared to what he could call that now. You already underwnte character developement as a person and as a Flowlab Community member, so you can definitely go through character development as a (flowlab) game developer!

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i just can’t take feedback i guess, i’m a shitty game developer

and i’ll never be good at it