How do I add informational slides?

I want to have like text boxes when the game is completed to explain the characters, etc. I tried to use “Alert” but it only shows one long line so a paragraph doesnt work.
Here is the link to my game: (Level 4 btw)

This is easy to do. You write using Label, use a new label block for each line, and turn the alpha to 0 When the text is shown, turn alpha to 100.

But that would use a LOT of objects, especially on free, @meburningslime . I personally would stick to several alerts in a row, though it wouldn’t be as good as having a paragraph in comparison (Oh, and also, you should really put a pause box from the “gameflow” section so that wolf doesn’t come running at you when you are reading that message).

So you cant have paragraphs because it only shows 1 line?

Is there any way I could have paragraph instead of showing only 1 line?

It would only take one block, @rcreger . One block can take multiple GUI.

Oh… That’s right, sorry @meburningslime , my bad! I was thinking for some reason that you only could use one GUI, which you obviously can, using it in my own games, which you can check in my discussion “Bored Reviews” : , and @AirMail , when you feel like it, you can also put the link of your game there for me to play, like*, and review your game.

  • Likes only apply to games that have a review of 5/10 and above of an unfinished game, 6/10 of a finished game.

Is there any way I could have paragraph instead of showing only 1 line?
Link to the game:

Other than the way i described above, @grazer would be the first person i would go to.