How do I create a compact autosave feature which is compatible with the main menu?

If you’ve played the Arkham series or pretty much any other open world game, you know that they have autosave features that work mid-gameplay, and if you exit the game or even shut down the engine, coming back to it, you can see that there’s a continue game feature. I want that, but I don’t know how to do it. I’ve tried making between level objects, but they just duplicate themselves and do nothing. Please, can someone help me?

Why not use Save behaviors that save on a timer,
after an event, or before exiting.

The save behavior as I learned recently, doesn’t save the game

Well it’s not a “save state” but it can save specific features across the game.
Loading these feature can act like a “save state” though.

Like if you got an item late in the game, you will still have it if you saved it.
Or like knowing what level your in or your location in the level.

Could you pick out a location in level 2 (maybe after the Trapper boss battle) and do an example please? I don’t want to do something wrong and have to delete it all…

Definitely, you could also de-spawn the boss if you already beaten it too.
Just make a Save that tells the game that you are already passed that.

Here some screenshot examples for you to understand but quicker de-spawn could be done in the boss.

Also something like this in the player:

Thank you so much!

Also, how do you like the game? Any feedback?