How do I create an Increasing Score label that collects from multiple objects?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to create a label that will keep track of the score while collecting from multiple sources. The game is about representing collecting calls with a team of agents on a Call Center floor, so I want to make it so each agent who “collects” a call adds to the grand total label.

I’ve tried different variations of Number and using the “+” input to increase the number on the label, but no luck just yet. The best I’ve gotten is that it’ll only track each individual agent’s score rather than increasing the grand total across all agents. I feel there must be a way, but I’m not finding it. Any thoughts or advice?


Thanks for the response! And, that does make sense, and it’s actually the iteration closest to what I’ve been trying lately.

What I’ve tried:
When an Object “Agent” collides with an incoming call that it should send a Message to the Scoreboard ->
Scoreboard will have a Mailbox which has it’s Output value attached to the “+” value on a Number ->
The Number output will be attached to a label that would display the score?

That’s how I have it currently and it doesn’t seem to register the incoming messages, as the number value stays at 0. I do have a small object that pops up saying “In Call!” every time an agent collects an Incoming Call, which I have also tried attaching the Message behavior to, but that doesn’t seem to register in the counter either.

Here’s a link to my game, if that would help:

If I understand you correctly, you could try this:

  1. Have a single object that is just to collect the scores from everyone, call it “score keeper” or something
  2. The score keeper holds a score value and displays the label
  3. Each agent sends a message to the score keeper, who then updates the score

Make sense?

Ok, you are really close. There are two minor issues:

  1. Your scoreboard is listening for a message named “Scoreboard”, but you are sending a message named “1”. If you change the name of the message you are sending, it will start arriving correctly.

  2. Also in the “Taking a call” object, the Once trigger is connected to the “+” input - you probably only want to send 1 each time, not an increasing value.

Huzzah! Thank you for the help, it’s working now.

Now that I know how to work the Message sending that should open the door for some other ideas too. Cheers! I appreciate the advice.