How do I disable editing for other people

I was using a different account on flowlab and noticed my game could be edited by other people how do you disable it?

As long as your game is visible and accessible by others, they will be able to look into your code. This has been stated to be by design. Don’t worry about the game’s actual code being changed by others, only you, or anyone on your team with access to your game, can change it.


to explain this a tiny bit more: basically, if you edit your game on another account, the changes made on that account wont save. sure you can mess up the code, but if you reload/leave the site, nothing will appear changed. Another thing, if you are playing a game with a high score or leaderboard and try to cheat by messing with the code yourself, your score wont save. Now one exception id like to mention is multipllayer games. you can give yourself infinite speed or whatever. but theres not many mulltiplayer games out there so dont worry bout that

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