How do i do things

I am trying something which I cant really find on youtube. I am trying to make it so when one enemy is killed, more spawn in the middle of the level. it works for spawning, but I dont know how to spawn them in the middle.

here is a link

Sadly flowlab doesn’t really have any youtube content, but to spawn in the middle you have to change the X and Y on the spawn behavior. If you click on the spawn behavior it will come up with what object you want to spawn, and at what X and Y.

The middle of the level is 24,5.5, so 24 * 32 (32 is how long one block is, 32 pixels) = 768, and 5.5 * 32 = 176.

So you want the X to be set at 768, and the Y to be set at 176

If you need any more help feel free to @ me, I’m always happy to help :llama:

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It does, when I started flowlab in Oct 2020, I used random flowlab youtube tutorials, to make my enemy move.

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It has some tutorials, I watched all of them I think, but it’s generally just basic things to get you to understand how to code.

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Thank you! This is for school, so yay!

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