How do I embed my game onto Wix?

I’m trying to embed a game I created onto Wix. I’ve tried to embed it as a HTML code but it doesnt seem to show up on the website.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Funny, that should work

Doesn’t work :frowning: I tried it with wordpress too but the embed code doesn’t work either

Hey, post a link to your Wix page and I’ll take a look. It sounds like you are doing things correctly.

Here’s a link to the page where the game is embedded.

There is a line which says “Built with Flowlab, the online game maker”, but the game does not load!

Something tells me the flash isnt working

@theodoreweefee I once tried to do this on Wix as well, and the same thing happened to me. I just ended up giving up, but maybe you can figure it out :trollface:

It looks like there are nested iframes that are causing the problem. Instead of using the embed code directly, try using “embed site” in the Wix editor and use this address as the web page:

Hope this helps.

Hi guys, thanks for your replies!

I’ve done what grazer has suggested but the game still doesn’t load :confused:

Works fine with my wix. Huh

hey jngthree, could you link your wix (if possible) so I can see if you did anything differently?


wait @jngthree how did you actually add the games on? Did you use Embed HTML Code? or did you do a website link, or even a flash? Because a while ago i had the same problem as theodoreweefee


I added the html field. Set it to coding and typed my own .html to fit it. I self taught myself some. But overall it should work

hmm maybe ill try that some time

@jngthree but sadly i dont know much anything about .html, maybe ill try to learn it

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spongebob squarepants

I am having the same problem my game is not showing up