How do I get my enemies to shoot projectiles?

Hi, quick question, in my Game (, I am trying to make my reaper shoot fireballs at the character, and I also want the big dragon to do so as well. Can anyone tell me how to make it happen? Or show an example of the coding map so I can continue making my game? Thank You!

Update: Problem Solved!

make a fireball then use emit behavior (components)

Make a moving fireball (a new object). It’s not affected by gravity.

You can use the emit behavior in the behaviors of your reaper to shoot fireballs.

[timer (repeats forever)] --> [emit (fireball)]

To change the direction. You can go to the properties of your object:


And you can change forward to the direction you want.

You can also just rotate the reaper with the rotate behavior.
[once] --> [number (30)] --> [(set) rotation]

Ok, @Latif3 , thank you for the help. I was able to get the Reaper to do the animation that its going to attack and the fireball appears in front of the reaper, but there is still the problem of the fireball actually shooting at my character. I followed what you said, but now the fireball appears just in front of the reaper instead of shooting forward. What did I do something wrong?

Actually, never-mind! I was able to figure it out! I saw that the age of the fireball and the force in which it was being fired was the problem. Thank you so much @Latif3! I really appreciate the help!

No problem! Nice you figured it out yourself :slight_smile: