How do i get my player to go to the next level if I have all of the coins but restart if not

This is what it looks like right now, and whenever I touch a coin it restarts me?

i cant accesses your game try and re post it

what is your game called i cant seem to access it try re posting

My game is called Monster Parkour here is the link again.

Collision (coin) ___ (1) number___ (Input to plus) number (0)filter (equal to however many there are) nextlevel

You’re Welcome. =D

That was a very helpful start but i need it to go to the next level when I touch the chest at the end with all of the coins

Whenever the character hits a coin send a message to the chest
whenever the chest receives that message the number of coins increases by 1
If the number of coins is equal to 9 (the total amount of coins), Then it turns on a switch