How do I get people to play my game?

I want people to play my game, but I don’t know how to attract them. A few people have said become popualar on forums so I try do that but (some of you may remember my “sot club” mishap early in the year) when I tried that I ended up getting 30 TAKE THAT DOWN RN messages. any ideas?


Just post your opinions on threads, make friends, post update logs about your games, and avoid getting into arguments and fights. If you do all those things you should be good to go!




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uhhhhhh ok?

I see your using my words against me

? wut do u mean. also how do I get the dumb “post must be 20 characters long to go away”

Because I sai…nevermind

You can’t the 20 character limit is made to stop spammers

ok imma just use spaceba- oh look it went away.

lol, (20 charicter limit)

wait you cn only type 20?.. I guess that make sense.

Post the link to your game… heres the link if you want to play. check out my bo adventures challenge to!

I like it so far… work on main character animations (it’s a cat so give it ears and a tail). Also, use different ground images so the ground you can actually walk on is grass, but just dirt if it’s under a grass tile… does that make sense?

it’s a dog. Did you read the DESC

Me and my friends made this game for fun, at first but then we really started to work on it every day. however, we didn’t improve the character for glitch reasons. at the time flowlab was not so advanced and multiplayer wasn’t a thing.

If it’s a dog he should shoot bones or something, hairballs make people think cat.

oh. in the next game he shoots yellow things. It’s about my real doge

he shoots snowballs now.

This is how I built up my games-

Make a discussion specific to a game where you can tease some stuff, give updates, and keep the community interested. I myself try to post only one thing for my currently in-development game “Sol”, and it has proven to be successful so far. Just don’t get impatient and start spamming.

ok… I’ll try that to!
I actually made one a while ago but it had 1 view and no comments.