How do i hide in a closet

how will i make a player hide in a closet when near the closet to make a player disappear and reappear so you can hide from monsters to go away.

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Hi, @Dark_soldier ! Welcome to the forums. I will help you in a minute, I need some time to make you an example game.

I hope this helps, let me know if you need anything more! :slight_smile:


thank you @GameMaster107 but the monster will puppy guard me until i leave the closet. So can you make it so the monster will go a different direction when i am in the closet

make the executed code send a message to the monster AI that makes it move towards a different direction/object

You open both the doors (assuming there are two), and step into the closet. Then, you close the door(s), and cease making sound. This concludes how to hide in a closet, thank you for coming to my Ted talk

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