How do I keep a location between level restarts?

I am trying to make this game that is a map, but you go into battle. But it is not saving my location on my map.

Here is the programming:

Or my game: Just Go somewhere else like a top corner, play through a battle, and you will be back at the same spot you spawned last time.

The game doesn’t know that it’s saving positions. Maybe use an always read on the saves or when it extracts it also reads so that it can update the positioning.

Ok, I did that so my location is always updating, but it always resets when I get into battle, even when it does save. Pay attention to the area my cursor is pointing at when my player stops moving.

can’t view it-

Ok, well my point is that it goes back to the previous numbers for the X-axis and Y-axis.

Delete the character in the level? If you have a character in your level it might be starting the user at that default position and overriding the save? (No idea, just trying to help)

I recommend using this example, but it’s much more complex than the others.

This example uses checkpoints but it remembers where you were in that level. You have to add to the bundle for however many levels you have. It uses a set of saves for every level.