How do i make a character selection system

i used the flowlabs example but when i chose the character that i want to chose the player didnt show.
please show examples in my game so it doesnt confuse me.
my game:

The problem is that you are trying to send a message to another level

Add this global in all of the characters

Change the code in the “PLayer controller” to this

there is a problem with my character 3 and 4 character 3 can jump infinitly and makes the coin when grabbed it doesnt go and with the character 4 it doesnt spawn

and when i go to level 2 the sprites are stuck in the dirt

The reason they are in the floor is that you’re spawning them there.

Probably due to a switch not being turned off.

You need to have a collision behavior that activates when characters touch it. I would recommend using a parent object

Are you saying character 4 doesn’t spawn?

I’ll look at the game later, but the things I pointed out should be enough for you to fix it.

Once again, I heavily recommend you read/watch these

already watch the vids and read the documentaion and still dont know how to fix this issue

Player 4 doesn’t spawn because you need to set the global

It’s not that only character 3 can constantly jump, all characters can. This is because you are allowing the player to jump whenever it comes into contact with anything.
This makes the jump reset only when you the bottom of the sprite collides.

The reason the coins don’t disappear is that the collision is only set to “player”, not the other 3 characters. To fix this use a parent object, if you dead the flowlab documentation you should know what this is.

that fixed the probel but i have another issue also when i die in level 1 or 2 the sprite is rendered in the menu selection system so i can see the health and coin when im in menu selection when i die

but what level do i load into

You don’t load into any level, there is a “Get” input on the LoadLevel behavior, it will output the current level. If the current level is greater than 1 (so any level besides the select screen) spawn player