How do I make a fast paced game??????????

My game seems to be having a slower pace than it used to, it doesnt seem glitchy, and I have tried changing the gravity and stuff but nothing seems to work.Could some one please help me.If it will help, here is the link

I see what you mean. The problem is there are so many blocks to render, as well as textures. My reccommendation is to make a TLoader, no, not the new terraria update, but a loading screen which summons 1 type of every block and plays every sound in the game once. It then progresses to the menu and it will be slightly less laggy.


Thank you for your advice.So I will take out some unnecasary blocks.But I have never used a TLoader before.I dont know what kind of block it is or how to use it.

Just make a block and have it use an emitter to emit every block in the game and play every sound.
Temporarily, of course, then it brings you to the game.