How do I make a flying enemy?

I want to add a flying enemy to my game but I have no idea how, also this is my 5th question for my one game lol.

What type of flying enemy? One that sits at a relative x or one that flies like flappy bird?

neither, one that works like the ship controls but without the player controlling it, and it chases the player 24/7

Pointat and impulse forwards on a repeating timer

I have no idea what I am doing

extract the position of the player and point at that and then put a number into impulse moving forwards

show me a picture on how to do that please.

This will make it constantly jump at the player.
Use velocity instead of impulse.

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Instead of an extractor, you want some Globals.
In the player, make it extract its X and Y always. Drag in two globals. Name one X, and one Y. Respectively, the extracted X sets the X global, and the extracted Y sets the Y global.

In the enemy, make an always and get both the X and Y variables, then connect them to a PointAt, which then connects to a number (your speed), which then connects to the forward of a velocity.

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i said before to use a repeating timer

But velocity is still better in general…

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it depends on what they want though, a squid may shoot forwards and a fish may move smoothly

Yes, yes. It’s motor. But not impulse.

I don’t know how to extract the X and Y of the player- this is my first time making this type of enemy

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In the player:

In the enemy: