How do I make a functioning ladder that a player object can climb on?

I sometimes see ladders in games while browsing some flowlab games, and I never see any that really work. So I’m just wondering if there is any way I could make a functioning ladder that makes a player object play a climbing animation while staying in an elevated position in the vicinity of the ladder and the elevation level varies depending on the up and down buttons. I’m not sure if it’s possible but It’s worth a shot asking.

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This is very possible, here is how I would do it. (This is pretty easy to do, but it might depend on the game for how you build it)

  • Proximity (to check if player is on ladder) → Number (Set to 0) → Velocity Y (This prevents the player from falling)

That should prevent the player from falling when on the ladder.

  • To make the player move up and down you could use the Position behavior

I might make an example of this tomorrow because I’ve only seen one person do a normal ladder (by DinoDev) and it’s pretty easy to do.


I should clarify that I meant a ladder from a platformer like Mario 2. You should check my other games to see if you can find a way you can see if a ladder could work in one of them. If you already did this I’m sorry but I thought I should tell you Flowlab - Eggrolls Coin Conquest 2 (TEST) (Link to my game)

Do check the Help page sometimes.


Was that really on the help page? Guess I overlooked that one


Thanks for the help dude.


No problem!

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Please don’t post on year old posts, and what doesn’t work?