How do i make a loot box/chest?

Hey, i’m making a top down zombie game and i’m having trouble making a working chest that the player can open once in appropriate proximity of the box.

Turn on a switch if a player is in proximity of the player and use a nor to detect if it is not.

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I’m not very inteligent so i’m kinda confused

proximity → on
proximity → nor → off

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i’m sorry but whats an nor?

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logic gate set to nor

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Flowlab User Guide This is a really useful tool to learn all the different behaviors, when I first started (about 3 months ago) it explain things that was complicated at first, but simple when I got to understand them.

how to add items inside the lootbox

Hi, welcome to Flowlab! It’s normally best to create your own topic because this topic is 1 year old.
As for how to have items in the loot box, I’d need to know more of what you’re doing, which you could explain in a new topic.