How do I make a main menu?

How do I make a main menu? I want a menu before I start my games.

Just create a new level, name it “Main Menu” or something, order it first in the list, and add some objects to the UI layer to use as buttons.

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Okay thanks

Helpful i made it in mega adventure :slight_smile:

wait whatever you put in user interface changes to buttons? because I have decorations and crap in user interface.

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Hey I made a game with a title and used one page BUT you don’t if you are like me and just want to save blocks and levels then I rec that if you want to have more levels then add a GIANT block using dilation feature and then make it so that when they click (or click enter) that it spawns in the main character and moves the sprite to the start :smiley: good luck!

Everything you put in user interface doesn’t turn to buttons. Heres how the 3 layers work. Background: The player cannot interact with anything here in any way. You can copy the background with a side scrolling properties. Game layer: the layer you put all basic stuff. GUI layer: This is where your hud would go. Your health, ammo and level completion. The interface will stay on the screen and follow your character. And don’t worry, Anything on here won’t be a button unless you give it commands to be a button. (Ie. Trigger: On click)

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