How do i make a multiplayer game on the free deal

How do i make a multiplayer game for the free deal

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you can’t you just can’t, but you could join a team with indie


Hong_Jooni_Pooni how do i do that

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Multiplayer is for indie only.
Unless you have a single device multiplayer. One player uses WASD and another player uses arrow keys to control two separate characters in the game.

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Someone with indie can create a dev team and add you to it.
You still can’t use the multiplayer behaviors, but the indie user can add them into the game for you.

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ManiacPumpkin i already did that but i want to make a game for people all around the world

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Yeah, you’ll have to have indie or be apart of an indie team to allow cross play between multiple devices instead of one.

I wouldn’t recommend it though since multiplayer is very bugged and doesn’t run very well.

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can you check out my game just to see if i even have the skill for multiplayer?

I don’t know what game it is so you’ll have to post a link.
I’m also on mobile right now so I can’t check it.

ok cause it can only be played on computer Flowlab Game Creator - Pizza Tower but BAD (CO-OP) (pre-alpha) (TAUNTING!!) (rea description)

Also what do mean “if I even have the skill”? Like to be worthy to be put on a team or if the game is good enough to be put into multiplayer?

i can try to add mobile support

My phone is an iPhone 6 so it probably couldn’t run the game anyway, lol.

if the game is good enough to be put into multiplayer ok

Like maniac said, Multiplayer is an Indie feature. However, it needs to be updated because it is very buggy, so even with indie it would be extremely difficult to make multiplayer work.
(It will probably be updated within a year, but not probably not any time soon as other things are being worked on)

If you do want indie, I believe it’s a great deal, just make sure you’re comfortable with the engine so it even helps.

Indie is $9 a month, or $60 if you get it for a year
Pricing information