how do i make a rpg battle

how do i make a rpg battle where when the player touches the enemy, they teleport into the battle with it, and when its done, the teleport back where they were?
like, do i use extract or something?

Let’s summon the might battle master @glithctyrus

If you say ‘pretty please’ he might have some words of advice :slight_smile:

what type of rpg battle do you intend to make? do you want a speed stat to determin who goes first or do you alaway go first or do you always go last or is it random @mtl144 (ps i had that in my pokemon spin-off game :slight_smile: )

if you want the player to always go first the then heres the lame part: first make what you want to be doing an attack, next make a preferably ui object,now here comes the more inner coder part:inject the player with this attack code(for attacking)Screenshot 2020-06-26 at 10.28.33 PM next also inject this in the player for whenever they take damage:
Screenshot 2020-06-26 at 10.30.01 PM
now in order to trigger the attack go to you ui object and take a needle and stab it into the object:Screenshot 2020-06-26 at 10.35.13 PM
now the last part for it make another ui object call it attack button or something and inject it with this code:Screenshot 2020-06-26 at 10.32.29 PM

if it too confusing for you the you can copy and paste it right from my game in the objects called burmeow,battle buttton,and fire attack 1:

ok thx

@TinkerSmith cool animation you got there it is epic.

that is pretty cool @glithctyrus are you still working on it?

@seamothmaster45 yeah