how do i make a shop and not lose money when you move to another level

My game about the wild west has a saloon and I want the bartender to give drinks but every time you buy a drink you lose a dollar and when you have 0 dollars I want him to not give you any more drinks. the dollar system is on the player so I’m trying to make the bartender subtract dollars from the player, but I don’t know how to do that. oh, and another thing how do I move to different levels without losing dollars. without resetting stuff, currently I use next level and then just pick a level but that resets the character’s currency and health which I don’t want!.

This Might help


and can you play it once please because not many people have played it yet

yeah sure but do you mind telling me how you made the shop? its hard to see what you did in the behavior panel

I have played the game before. so you won’t get any new plays since I have already played it!

Well its kind of complicated but just look at the behaviors of the characters you can buy all of them use the save behavior

ok but do you know how to not lose currency when you go to next level or previous? . i did everything as you did nothing happens? what did I do wrong? the bartender and the player won’t send messages to each other

Dont use messages use the save behavior (once read the name of the object will call it drink then in to the value input of a label(thats how you check how many you have) to save lets say you click to get drink then you do click pluss one into the save input of the save and name or drink make sure its spelled the exact same as the first one.

oh, ok thx ill try later. + I’m sorry for taking long…