How do I make a top down view monster move correctly?

I was making a game called Adventure Dungeons on the account Truce20202 to a reference of my game Adventure Vally in this account.But I cant get the zombie to move correctly without making it look weird.Can someone please help?

How do you want the zombie to move? And how are making the zombie move?

is it going to be janky or smooth movements, if you want it janky, you should just adjust the animations

I want the zombie to move in an x-and-y scale across the map as like a 3-d game but in a view above.

Also I want it smooth.Thanks for replying!

So if you want to make it move, use position and number blocks, you could have a timer that repeats it and make the zombie move by how much you want it to by updating the position blocks +x and +y positions using number blocks

If you want to use velocity, i suggest using my AngleToVelocity bundle.
Flowlab Game Creator - Angle To Velocity

This is good believe me, but it doesn’t work for the zombie to move along the level, it works for the player only, but if you can make it work as an AI, then it would work.

What do you mean it only works on the player? The bundle just needs input for angle direction and velocity. Is the zombie set to movable with no gravity?


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