How do i make a winner for online mode?

in the game, i have no clue how but, i wanted to see if there was a way to make a winner in the fight, like, say there’s 2 online players, who ever loses both their lives before the other one loses and the one that still has one life or more wins, but idk how to code it so that it can know which one had lost their lives first because they use the same object but its not a shared object so, yea.

maybe you would know @grazer ? i tried looking at apocalypse arena but my game isn’t based on shooting other players, its knocking them off the stage.

i dunno this but i could try

with collssion maybe?

anyone there? (2020202)

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While I can’t provide some examples, partly because I am also working on this type of winner system for one of my multiplayer games, I believe that you will need a save behavior.

Save behaviors are saved onto the player’s computer for that player only. For example, if one player has a 2 saved into their save behavior, other players will not get this value on their saves. You can use that to determine which player won.

I Dont How To Do It Either

i see your mr. game and watch pfp xD

thank you so much and i was thinking i could use some global behaviors too, and a cool suggestion i have for pixel sports is if it has a online mode. just came off the top of my head, i okay it might be a pain but it would probably work out in the end.

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Pixel Sports technically already has an online multiplayer spin-off called Pixel Sports Dungeons. The base game doesn’t have multiplayer, because for some reason multiplayer wrecks the entire game, making it unplayable.


anyone who can help?