How do i make an enemy follow the player?

Pls help me i really need it

Here’s a link to grazer’s example

Ok and why real :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Dude. Don’t post on dead topics FOR NO REASON!!!


im sorry for messaging on this but its not working for me and i dont know why
even tho it was working before i just dont know why

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You probably shouldn’t revive dead topics, this one was from over a year ago, instead you should create your own, new, topic.

But, since you already revived it, I can try to help. Can I have a link to your game so I can check it out?

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sorry about that but here it is anyway

i have purple knights that are supposed to follow you but its not working

(also sorry for reviving it i wasnt sure if i should)

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Ok, so I took a look at your game, it looks like the proximity behavior isn’t selected to an object, all you have to do is go into the purple knight’s behavior click on the proximity behavior, and select “player” so it knows when the player gets close it will know to follow the player.

This is inside of the Purple Knights behavior, what you should be changing.

Also, are the knights supposed to be invisable???

no id dont know why its not working like that maybe im notlooking enough?

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nevermind i found the problem with it thanks for even helping me on this old dead topic

appreciate it!


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Yeah, no problem, just remember it’s better to create a new topic instead of bringing up dead ones, even if it’s about the thing.

yea sorry about that