How do I make enemies chase the player sideways?

In this case:

plz help

So, my friend has been working on the same thing. Check out the"Doggo" block here:

Doesn’t work??

It always stays 2 blocks away from the player

I want the enemy also pointing at the player

Thats because of the calculator try removing it!

Still not

Screenshot please.

I just wanna get the enemies to point at the player. I can do the moving myself.

That’s easy. Put a proximity block and have the range set to 3200. Then make the X and Y outputs go into a PointAt.

how do i set up the proximity block?

Turn “Only once” off and set the range to 3200.

I only want to make the enemy chase the player sideways

not making him flip every direction

What object is suppose to chase the player @“darian K”?
preferably the name or “type” that it has when you look in the Library.

the bot character


Check my zombie example.