how do I make fall damage?

how do I make fall damage in my game The Neverlands

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@glithctyrus I actually saw this and could not answer. I have wondered about this for a while. I suspect now with new k owlage Ray casting but ultimately maybe @“JR 01” Could help you with this.

Sorry for late reply, I have been busy. Thanks for the tag though! When you need help, please do be free too!

I have done a thing like this in my Terraria games. My favorite, balanced way to do this is:
Have an extractor find the X velocity, and, if positive, subtracts something around 10 from the velocity. If that number is larger than 0, it deals that amount of damage.

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Similar to what Slime said,
You could extract Y Velocity and when the player reaches a fast speed, create fall damage.

Another way to make Fall damage is to use timers (or handmade timer).
If the player is off the ground after a timer, then turn on a switch to allow fall damage.
With a handmade timer (just Always --> +1), you can also take how long the player is off the ground (handmade timers also pause with the game) and slowly increase the damage after several increments of the timer.

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@“JR 01” and @meburningslime Thanks for figuring this out, but to be honest, it still kinda confuses me. Well, not the timer one, but the extractor one. Okay a little bit the timer one too. It just feels like I know part 3 of what to do, but not part 1 or 2. Maybe an example? Screenshot? Or maybe just a more detailed version with more info of how to get to what you explained.

Either way, thanks for giving me an idea of how to do this!