How do I make it so you can place blocks when you buy them from a shop WHILE playing?

I want to make a sort of like a Clash of Clans game. The game is not created yet, but I have ideas. Can someone please show an example game on how to place a block WHILE playing buy just right clicking? And, please show in that example a shop like thing that once you buy something, you are able to place it.

right clicks are not supported, but I DO have a game involving drag and drop, well, I did. but Its not there anymore

@jngthree how did you do that?

mouseclick turns on/off two switches, mousemove X Y are imputed into them, and then the switches are imputed to the respective place on posision (FWI) scrolling jacks it up

@jngthree thanks, but I dont understand. Is it possible you can have screenshots or a game showing how?
Thanks, I really appreciate it.

sorry, no i dont

Maybe when you click the place where you want to put the object, and then active an attacher with a switch.
Like jng3’s example, but the output goes to an attacher. Would that work? Honestly, the best way to solve problems on flowlab is to think logically and tinker around with the editor.

That is just dropping. Plus, when the attacker turns off, the item deletes itself.

If you want it to spawn while clicking. Just make one object with mouse move and a position, and use a emit and mouse click to spawn it.