How do I make my character teleport on the same level

I have seen many different ways and none of them have worked so I need help making a player teleport on the same level

you can set the player’s position to a spot in the level

There is a behavior called Position, you can use that to set a X and Y cord for your player. This will teleport your player (obviously it will not have any teleport effect/particles, you would need to do that yourself, it only changes the X and Y position)

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I’ll have to make a simple example for this so many people are asking for it.

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Bradsters look at the portal code in here, then the portal bundle in the player code

Yes that worked but how do I make the camera follow the player

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If the player has the camera behavior inside them, the camera will follow immediately. If the camera is a separate object, then then put the teleporting code inside the camera as well.

If you used my example, I advise you not to use Pixel_Name1’s example because they aren’t the same thing.


Or just use my example…

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