How do i make my health saves and coins save in each level

please use my game for examples.
my game

Global values save between levels, so if you saved your coins in one level it would still be saved in the next

whre do i connect it to

show picture in my game

like explain where do i put it or show me an example

I can’t solve everything for you, you’ll never learn that way. I gave you the answer of how to do it, you just need to think about it a little more.

Globals save between levels.

So if you have the collected number of coins in a Global it will keep between levels, the same works for health.

bro not everyone learns the same way as u do

It’s better for you to figure it out yourself when I was handed the answers in the discord I didn’t really learn anything until they started explaining the stuff to me.

I think in the help menu, there is a example of what your looking for. But I do think you should figure it out yourself. The example is called Save Across Levels.

Link to the example page, you should look here more often

Save Across levels

What I said is true in general, doing things yourself is the fastest way to learn. And what you’re doing is very simple so it should be easy to figure it out.

If you really are managing to learn then tell me what these do

Tell me how the Router behavior works, tell me how the Global behavior works. You should know the answer to both of these if you understand the examples I gave you. If you don’t understand it it’s because you’re just pasting in what I have you, not understand it.

Side note: I’m not saying you need to be able to make something as fast as you can think of it like me, but I really believe that if you thought about it more you could figure it out for yourself. You know what the problems are, and you should know what you want to happen. Think about what the difference is between them and you should be able to find the solution in that difference

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Honestly its not really that hard, jus look at what the actuall behaviors do and how they work in the handbook. Then think about hownyou can put them together to accomplish something.

for the global block u can create a name right? so if i create a name then it all the global code with that specific name is on the behaviour it will have the same value.
you can keep values level object.

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i already tried it, it didn’t work

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so the router when connected to the in there are going to be 2 or more outputs because so we dont need to make the same block alot of times.

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so also when i look at examples sometimes its confusing to me like the when (Saving across the level) example its diffrent blocks and things to it

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I gave the wrong example before oops, this is the correct one

What this does is it saves the number of coins collected to a Global. A Once is used to set the number of collected coins to the Label and the Number at the beginning of a level.

Doing this would keep the coins the same after you died, so it must be reset like this

how can i do the same thing with the health

it seems like you already did it :+1:

now look at the problem i tried to put it in all oof the characters now look