How do I make On and Off acceleration and drift movement

Hey Flowlabbers,

Do any of you know how to make special movement that allows these things?:

Acceleration to a maximum speed.
Can be activated.

I cannot find out a good way to do this. Can anyone help? All I know is that it needs to use impulse, not velocity.

Good day,

I know ease can be used here.

Depends on how if you want it top down or side scroller.


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It’s top-down.

Huh? Isn’t ease used to edit the shape of the object?

I need to be able to be turned on. Wait, scratch that, I don’t need anything to be activated.

We’ve already gone over this, the speed cap and acceleration/drift are all things in the racecar movement bundles.

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Ok, I saved most of the bundles from the old racing objects. Let me see…

What, that is not it’s only purpose.
Watch this video


No, ease just alters the value between point A and B.
So you could ease from 100 —> 0 Alpha. Ease is probably the single most useful behavior when adding juice to a game.