How do I make Portal portals?

What I mean is, how do I make portals in a level that work similarly to those found in the game Portal.

I’ve seen people talk about how to make portals that take you from one level to the next but I’m looking for two-way portals that can take you from one position in a level and back again.

If possible, it would be cool to also have the portals conserve momentum and velocity as well.


Ooh, that’s likely the hardest part. I myself have played a considerable amount of Portal 2, so I know what you’re speaking of.

First, we need the bullets to turn into the portals when they collide with a white wall. Second, we need a switch that turns on when the portal opens, allowing the player to walk through. Third, we need a way for the portals to connect and not activate unless the other was already placed.
That’s all. Sorry, I have to leave now.

iv done it it just VERY HARD

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i can make an example

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What do you know. I’m back.

Sure, it’s hard, but it’s fairly simple, considering the points I stated in my last post.

there it saves momentum

What you made does not conserve momentum properly. The portals are also 1 way.

It’s actually not very hard if one knows what to properly do, but it’s a pretty difficult thing to figure out if you don’t know what to do.

Also welcome to the community @Ethan_Clewlow_ACC !

Did you want it like the actual portal game where you can place the portals, or will there just be 2 to start out with?
Also knowing if the portals can only be vertical or if they can also be horizontal is a pretty important thing to know for conserving momentum in the right direction.

I’m really bogged down with school work so I don’t have as much time as I used to, but I can try my best to explain it if you need. (Making an actual example and properly explaining would take quite a bit so no guarantee on response time if you really needed that)


Sorry for the late reply, been busy with some other course work and still trying to make the portals work.

To answer you question, I don’t want have the player placing portals because that’ll just add a whole new layer of complexity. I want the portals to be static objects in the game world.

Ideally, I want them to conserve momentum on both vertically and horizontally to make some interesting platforming.

I also tried recreating hi425five’s demo of the portals and it never seems to work. The player character keeps getting teleported outside the game world. Here’s that recreation.

Flowlab - New Game

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