How do i make something follow

i have missile like objects and I cant make them follow me since I want the game to be hard

So here’s one way to do it, add behaviors to your missile to do this:

  1. trigger using a timer, or every frame
  2. extract the x & y position of your player
  3. point the missile at the x & y position (using point at)
  4. move the missile forward

Here’s an example:
Check out the behaviors of the fire guys in the corners, that should be about what your looking for

I know how to make the enemy follow u but. How do i make him jump when he collides with a block he jumps?

How can you make it where the enemy follows you, but if you collide with a certain block it kinda jumps? For example, in my game the zombies are following you and you keep going, with space bar to jump. There are obstacles where where you have to jump over and blocks that you jump on. The purpose of the zombies is to ensure you don’t stop at the blocks. I want the zombies to jump over the blocks when they collide. How? Link:

Also grazer i really admire ur work

I know Im late but @grazer how do you extract the player’s x/y position?

Check out the “Enemy Chase” examples here: