how do i make the player attack enemies?


This isn’t very specific but can be simple.
There are many different possibilities you can do for what / how you want to do it…

but the easiest way to do this I can think of is:

  • Make a sword
  • Collision (sword) -> Destroy [in the enemy].
  • Control the sword

Depends on the case, but normally you can use the emit behavior under the components section.

  1. Make an object, such as a bullet or a sword-slash, that you want to kill the enemy with.
  2. If you make a bullet, make it movable. If you want melee weapons, then don’t. Usually it’s best not to make it solid, but enable collisions.

-Player behaviors:
Keyboard[Spacebar] - Emit [bullet]

-Enemy behaviors:
-Collision [bullet] - Destroyer

That’s the simplest formula for killing enemies with a gun, using spacebar.
Also, keep in mind that you can refer to the “help” section before posting in forums, where there are many guides and videos to help you out.

ok thanks