How do I make the player emit objects in the direction they're facing

I’m making a local multiplayer (as in one player uses wasd and one uses arrow keys) 2d shooter where you need to destroy the other player to win.

I know how to make the bullets collide and kill player two and stuff, but I have fiddled around for ages trying and can’t figure out how to do it.

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use the emit behaviour

That’s what I did, I just don’t know how to make the object (bullet) being emitted actually go in the same direction as the player just moved.
I also see you have good taste. TABS is a very good game Mr @galaxian .

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emit already does that, unless you have it on “independent angle”, make sure the player’s forward direction is correct

Flowlab Game Creator - Shotgun Bundle with 1 bullet input in this works just like a gun
plus you can edit it easily into a shotgun later

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So I have put the behavior into a bundle and ported the behavior into my character. How do I make it actually fire?
(Also, I would like this game to be played by 2 players from the same device, so can I just use WASD to aim instead?

Oh I found the solution to just making a normal gun.
No help needed now.
Cheers! :relieved: