How do i make this stupid block move

i’m tryna make a block move in my game. the block is the player character and you click and hold it to move it. that’s the intention,at least. tried to do that by copying over code from my previous game,doesn’t work. also,if there’s a way to make the block collide with stuff when it’s moved that’ll be pretty helpful but it’s optional

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thanks mate,really needed this!

the code in this isn’t the same as mine & i put rotation on. didn’t work. was going to copy the code to try and make it work but that is spaghetti code and i don’t know how to read let alone copy spaghetti code

just copy it and hit import

how do i do that i’m a stupid mobile user with 3 braincells

use the highlight tool, select the bundle and press copy.

Go to your game click the editor and select import from the menu wheel. When the textbox appears, paste the code in there (CTRL + V).

what the heII is a highlight tool


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after messing around with the physics for a bit,it works! thanks =D