How do i make water spread?

Hi Guys im trying to make water spread because im gonna allow the player to break the blocks(ground pieces) and i want the water to spread acordingly, any ideas? ill make an example if you need it

Make every single pixel a different block and enable gravity.

@meburningslime that’d cause a lot of lag and although it would flow, in no way would it be like water.
Making working water on Flowlab is near impossible, and I know this considering the biggest and best Flowlab members tried to make it happen a while back. I think it would have to do with separate objects, but there would have to be a lot more to it than that.

@TinkerSmith @thebrickccentric we got our work cut out for us…

courtesy of @thebrickccentric

But there will be other ways to fake it, can you somehow show what you need?

Well the water needs to be not solid…at least to the player and the objects/creatures, if there is a way to make it not solid JUST to the player then ill be ok here is the game(its a test right now) Break the blocks in the crevis and get to the water and you will see what i want…

Check out the behaviors of all the NAMED objects, not the new types

@“The Undying” what you will need to do is make is not solid and use raycasts and positioning to make it flow. Terraria uses the same concept. If there is no block to the left or right of it, then the water will move there. If there is no block below it, then it will move there.

Can you make an example?

@“The Undying” yes but not right now, I’m on mobile.

ok Thanks for all the help so far

Nice, love the bouncy water :slight_smile: well done. Needs to be smoothened a bit, but otherwise on the right track

Im glad you liked it