How do I move whilst enable is set to false?

So I have a code that moves me forward along the ground with an impulse, with a 0 Y velocity input to stop the player from jumping whilst it is occurring. What I want to be able to do is use this impulse code as kind of a roll forward that turns off all enemy and projectile collisions with the player.

Should I continue trying to find a solution in the player code, or should I try something a little more complicated (maybe) and try making it so when the input to roll is sent, all enemies turn their collisions off or something like that?

It should be noted that I’m using another person’s code for movement, I think it was from walljump example, as I wanted to implement that in my game so some typical solutions may not work.


The Enable behavior turns off Velocity and other things that affect character physics. You are still able to use the Position though.
Behavior Handbook