How do I save a score?

I have I scored game and I want to have the score save even when the levels change in my game.

does anyone know how to do that?

You just need to use the save behavior.

I have, but every time I move to the next level, it sets my score to 1

You could even check if you want.It is in the top score block.

Sure, I could look, but I need a link to the game in question.

Hey, make sure to use the “read” once at the beggining of every level, and have the output attached to “set” for the score.

If you still need help, leave a link to the game.

I have that.I have once trigger, out to read in save block, then I have done to in, and set in the score block/number block.Out to value in the label block.I f you dont understand Here is the link.

sorry, I meant to post that yesterday

no problem, is anything else attached to “set”?