How do I spawn something in a certain place???

I’ve been trying to make an alien spawn in front of the player but when I think i’ve got the coordinates right, the alien spawns behind the player. What is happening??? Please help me.

you can make the player emit an alien

yeah maybe. I was thinking like 10 blocks away from the player

you can use an invisible block with a proximity trigger that emits the alien with 0 force.

make sure that the invisible block is NOT solid

That’s so smart. Not sure why i didn’t think of that. Thanks!

Wait, how do I make it so that it emits constantly

Emitting is okay, especially since it is easy and simple, but that’s best used for shooting things. You may want to use the Spawn behavior.
It can spawn certain objects, no matter how far away. Just remember that the Spawn behavior spawns stuff within a certain coordinate. If you have ever used graphs or coordinate grids, you’ll know what those are like. Although here in Flowlab, the units are divided into pixels. Every tile/block is equal to 32 pixels. So if you want to spawn something in tile 3/7, the number in the X property should be 96, while the number in the Y property should be 224.
For more information the Spawn behavior, there is a behavior handbook here that should help you.

oh! That makes sense. Thanks!

Use a spawner so there is no emit properties;

what would that do?

This is in the player, so it will take “This X” and “Y” and spawn where the player is at.
The expression is to make it spawn 5 blocks in front of the player (320 for 10 blocks).