How do I upload sound files to the forums?

I’ve seen people on @Ramshacklegamestudi1 's recent voice acting discussion posting sound files that you can play on the forums. I have an mp3 that I’d like to upload. how do i do that?

I think he said that you need to insert the URL of the song.

I just tried it out, and this song is “Tower Defense” by Eric Matyas.
As for file uploading the audio into the reply, I have no idea. It doesn’t seem to work to just try to use the “Upload” button since it only accepts pictures and GIFs.

@MetaNinja it says it’s “not authorized”

You can’t upload anything that isn’t one of the allowed image file types. However, posting a video or mp3 link will automatically embed that file.

but how do i post a link to something saved on my computer? I’ve never done it.

You don’t. You can’t link something from your computer. You can upload a file to an mp3 or file hosting website, which will then give you a link to the file.

alright did it

why doesn’t it play?

You linked to a download host. Those ones don’t stream.
The link only brings you to the download page

I filehost with Discord, because I have my own Discord server, and Nitro, so why not?

what about OneDrive? I think I might have that.

I saw your previous drafts for that specific reply, and just so you know, it needs to be a .mp3 file that actually exists.

I have a discord to you should join “I slowly say this while breathing heavily down you neck” also “smiles creepily” :sunglasses: