How do I

I cant seem to make a level that has multiple colors of different levels in the same level
this is my game.

Are you referring to the fact that you want multiple colors in the background?

Because if so, then click “Layer”, then “Background”, then create a background tile which consists of a single colour and cover a specific area of the level. Then repeat for however many colors you’re looking to put in the level.

If not, then maybe you want it in the game world? If so, then make sure that “is solid” is marked as “false”, then go through the instructions given for background colors, only for the game world.

If this wasn’t either helpful or I simply misunderstood what you wanted, then sorry about that.

thx i just need some one also to help me withe creating my game my login is
also it’s okay i just started i have like 3 games because the free version and i just need to understand flowlab. I like to watch youtube vids but because im at school and on school laptop i have to get on my grandmas.

and thanks for the help.

p.s ima type one diabetic

it worked great thanks man.