How do you get Discobot to be in your forum?

It’s not important but it’s really cool and I want to know how

Discobot is a part of Discourse.

Good news! You’re talking on Discourse right now :slight_smile:

I mistyped - I meant Discourse :confused:

so how do I get discobot in my forums? do i have to pay for it?

no, @discobot (202020)

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

oh so you just say @discobot?

yes ( 200020002000 )

thx. also, what does (202020) mean. Yeah i know that sounds boomer as heck

The 20 character limit is just so there are no too short messages, people have come up with (20202020) or others. Yes for example, can not be written without some form of getting rid of the 20 character limit

oh yeah i just type my text inbetween <> brackets to make it invisible

That too… <2020202020>

I dont understand 20202020

numbers don’t work, only letters

ok, you taught me something too i guess

So it works like this

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yep, that worked

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