how do you make a 2 block high character?

no’t absolutely sure if this is even possible but Ill give it a try anyways.
please give me some tips and/or ideas if anyone has any…

in the sprite editor mode, the menu with things like draw, eraser, reposition, etc, look at the bottom right button to rescale width or height in 32 pixel increments using the sliders at the bottom middle. the max width/height is pegged to whatever your game settings width and height is


wait the bottom half doesn’t show up when I play it!!!

how do you fix this?

Is there an animation playing?


when I last logged out the sprite was just fine
but when I logged back in the next morning the bottom half’s
of EVERY ANIMATION were missing!
PLEASE tell me if there is some way to fix this ):

right now I’m trying to restore the lost sprites ):
(I don’t think it will do much but t’s worth a shot)