How do you make a character move in mobile version when you hold down a button in GUI?

I am creating a game in the mobile version, and I need to have the character move when you hold down a button. However, the character only moves when you move your finger around on the button. How can I use mouse click to repeatedly send a message when the button is held down?

You create an object in the GUI, have a mouse-click a switch, an always, and a message.

Plug the mouseclick (down) into a switch to turn it on. Put the always into the switch input, and the switch ourput goes into a message, plug the mouseclick (UP and OUT) into the switch’s OFF input.

Take the message, select the character your controlling, and set it to RIGHT or LEFT.

In the character menu, create a MAIL box, and put in the message you entered at forst.

Then repeat for the other side. copy this