How do you make a game thats avalible for mobile phones

How does it work exactly

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If you have an upgraded account like Indie, you are able to export your games. To add it to the Apple App or Google Play store is a whole process that you’ll need to get approved and pay for.

If you just want the game to be playable on mobile through browser, you’ll need to add touch controls.

Some examples


one important thing about mobile UI - mousemove has an output called “over”. if “over” connects to anything, then the mobile phone user will need to double click to activate the “click” instead of clicking once to activate it. it should be clearer this is the case, but its something I’ve noticed.


Try these examples, I made these directly for better mobile controls. But understand the “Gesture” behavior block only works on mobile devices, so I suggest trying the game on a browser on your phone with a full screen option somewhere. Mouse Clicks can also be used as a mobile press (but Gesture was made in mind for multi-touch).


So is there anything like buttons or joysticks? That I can make?

I gave some examples with joysticks and buttons, and JR01 also gave an example with joysticks.

Ok, but how do I add touch controls like should I copy off of it?

Yeah. If a game is an Example or Tutorial, then you can just copy the mechanics into your game.

You can copy the code and import them to your game.

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