How do you make a moving backround?

If you’ve seen my Alpha game, Tinterfoil, I need a moving backround for it. If you could send me an example/redo the game backround I would appreciate it!

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What exactly do you want with the background?
Also there are a lot of background objects.

The options with using background objects are to keep them on screen (not moving), repeat on the screen (after you pass all background objects), and a slow moving background that slides the further you go into the game.

For Example, in the camera behavior, try putting the Parallax option to 60.

I kind of want some trees and some moving clouds. maybe some bushes.

And I wan’t the backround to be slowly moving as you walk/jump.

Ok, for one is to delete all background objects that you dont want to move…
For tree’s, make them in the game layer without being solid nor movable. Like those grass objects.


  • Instead of having a ton of background blocks to make the background,
    go to the “game levels” tab in the editor and change level one from “FFFFFF” to “CBDBFC”.
    This would make the game background that color

  • If you see “Display Order” in the object’s menu, if its a higher number, it will be in front of other objects with a lower number. Example: Put the player on Layer 10, Anything that is on a layer under 10 will be behind the player (visually).

  • Display order is also on background objects, but with parallax on, anything with a higher number will be slower, but also in front. (kinda like if the background is closer)