How do you make an animation?

I made a Animation wor walking right and left but I dont know how I make that the Animation actually plays? I mean what so I have to do with the behavoiurs? Could u tell me or do It and send me a screeni?

@hihilogic lol I cant Reply anymore

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Go to the properties section of the behaviors. Boom. Animations.

More in depth:
Click on the animation dropdown, and you will see a selection of your current animations. Select one, and click the box that says loop. On the up of the arrow key that triggers this animation, stop. Also, you only need one animation, because the flip behavior will take care of the rest.


So I have to uhhh connect the trigger to stop and that was it?

Well, first you have to connect the down of the arrow to the start, silly :stuck_out_tongue:

what Im brain afk what should I connect to what? xD @hihilogic

Show me a screenshot of yo movement code

Using the normal one lol Run and Jump set

I kinda need a screenshot for this one

Ok, first you go to behaviors. To the left you should see a list. Click properties. There you should see animation. Click it. When it pops up click it. you should see options to customize your animation (looping, stay on last frame, etc) Select what animation you want (if you only have one it should already be selected. Now go back to the list on the left and click triggers. Click keyboard. When the block pops up click it and select what button you want. Now Drag the part that says down to the animation part that says play. Drag up to the animation part that says stop. If you have the run and jump set forget grabbing the keyboard block part. Just do the last part with both present keyboard blocks.


I’ll show you a screenshot of it. It’s more simple than my words

Ok there:

Nanana don’t tell them to select triggers, cus they already got one in their bundle :upside_down_face:

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Okay. Drag an animation in there. Choose the animation that says right or something like that, then connect the down of the right arrow to the start of the animation. Screenshot and drop the screenshot here

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Here’s how I did it when I first started. Also sorry for taking so long I forgot how to take a screenshot :sweat_smile:

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I am also having the same problem. I suggest you look at the suggestion below, written by hihilogic

Thank you so much! I will try it out. Now, I am a noob at flowlab, started making games today, so getting help is good. :blush:

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